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Cricket has evolved a lot in the last few years and so as cricket shots. Cricket as a sport has evolved over the years and the changes are clearly visible. From the duration of the game to change in the rules, the change is evident. The spectators and the fans are always eager to see their favorite batsmen playing their favorite classical shots. Today, all the players use different types of shots. Few years ago it was very difficult to hit unimaginable shots but today, all the players play unimaginable shots. We have gathered some of the best classic cricket shots for you in this article. Here we are with some front foot shots, back foot shots, and some special cricket shots too:

1. Switch Hit:

Invented by Kevin Pietersen


This is one of the best shots played by England batsman Kevin Pietersen. Kevin Pietersen is also known for playing this shot very well. This is a shot where the batsman has to switch from being a right-handed batsman to a left-handed batsman just before the bowler bowls. If the player is left-handed then he has to convert into a right-handed batsman and vice- versa. Also, the ball is hit on the covered area of the ground.

2. Upper Cut:

Invented by Sachin Tendulkar

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Master blaster Sachin plays an uppercut shot when the ball is pitched outside the off-stump with extra bounce, playing it towards the third man. This shot is a gift of  modern cricket. These days new players like to play this shot it is a risky shot and if it is played incorrectly then the keeper or slip player can take the catch.

3. Pull Shot:

Invented by Ricky Ponting



Some players play this shot because most of them like to play the short ball down. This horizontal shot is executed with the bat coming offside and facing the leg side when the bowler bowls the ball to the shoulder. Along with Ricky Ponting, Rohit Sharma also play excellent pull shots.


4. Straight Drive:

Invented by Sachin Tendulkar


The straight drive from Sachin’s bat can fascinate anyone. But as a left-handed batsman, Stephen Fleming is considered the best in it. The ball first hits the front of the wicket in a line through a straight arc and high elbows showing the maximum bat surface to achieve the power. From the very beginning of his career till his last match, he made everyone a fan of his classy shot.

5. Cover Drive:

Invented by Walter Hammond

It is one of the most beautiful shots to be played in cricket. It is the act of stroking the ball through cover with a good wrist work. This shot is played from the pitch of delivery outside or outside the off-stump. Batsmen who master the cover drive are generally given high appreciation due to the difficulty in the execution of this particular shot and its need for excellent timing. Players including Kumar Sangakkara, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Meg Lanning, Rahul Dravid and Babar Azam are regarded as the master of this shot.


6. Paddle Sweep:

Invented by Colin Cowdrey

This shot is played with the bat facing the fine leg area. The paddle sweep shot is a cross-batted shot played on a knee, usually on the slower ball or on the wide of the leg-stump. This shot involves bringing the bat over the top of the ball, so that it can be shot away from the fine leg. This shot was played by Colin Cowdrey, who is regarded as the inventor of the paddle sweep.

7. Reverse scoop:

Invented by AB De Villiers

Indian players are mentioned when it comes to the art of playing spin balls in cricket, but some players play the spin in a different way. For example, this shot, which is seen in playing of Zimbabwe’s wicket-keeper batsman Andy Flower. He was also the best batsman in case of spin. Also, his reverse sweep had no answer. He was another talented player like AB de Villiers who always found a way to score. This shot is the result of that unique quality.


8. Helicopter Shot:

Invented by Mohammad Azharuddin.

MS Dhoni made this shot his trademark shot as soon as he stepped into the world of cricket. It is not a conventional cover drive or a straight drive, but it is regarded as Dhoni’s helicopter shot. Dhoni always used to send full-length balls out of the match boundary by rotating the bat in his special way. This style was so much liked by the spectators that it became Dhoni’s trademark shot. But this shot has been played before by Mohammad Azharuddin.

9. Natraj Shot:

Invented by Kapil Dev


This shot is a special posture shot in the cricket in which the batsman is seen standing in the Nataraja posture as soon as he hits the ball. Nataraja is considered as a form of Lord Shiva in which he is seen performing the Tandava. Also, the name of this shot is named Natraj Shot after this dance only. Kapil Dev, has been seen using this shot.

10. Dil Scoop:

Invented by Tillakaratne Dilshan

This shot is a very difficult shot that is played at good length on one knee or sometimes by scooping the ball over the wicketkeepers head by shortening the length of the shot or even crossing a medium-pace bowler. The ball is directly sent behind the wicketkeeper to the boundary. If the player delays this shot, the ball may hit body. Earlier, it was discovered by Sri Lankan batsman Tillakaratne Dilshan.