Pre Match Review For The 4th Test; India VS Australia


Cricket (India vs Australia Test Series) if it had been a religious life would’ve been so much easier right. You can’t have communal riots in the name of a sport right, a holy book that explains all the rules of the game and some Lords of cricket. Lords at London would have been on the pilgrimage. There would have been so much more peace in the world for all of us to live right, but it isn’t the case so we have to live with what we have. So here we are with the next test series that India is about to play with Australia on the 15th of December.

India VS Australia Test Series
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But we do have some problems, and that is India doesn’t have a lot of players from its side for the game. India needs a few more players since some of them have been either sent away due to injury or have been absent for other reasons as well. This might be a hard time for India but we still can hope for the best. Let’s look into which are the players who have left the league and how to have the cricketers liked the present scenario of a self-help hotel room due to covid – 19 in Brisbane, Australia.

Hopes of India

At one time when all the hope was on Bumrah but he also left before the final game that is starting on Friday the 15th of December Indian cricket team is yet to come to a conclusion, about the team members who’ll be playing for the country. As of now, the idea is to have Shardul Thakur who has played in first-class cricket and that gives him a better opportunity over Natrajan who has also been kept as an option, because it’s all in their hands now, on deciding the fate of the Indian Cricket Team.

This team seems to have very limited options for getting a replacement for the team as a very limited number of people are there to play in the semi-finals deciding test.

This shows the very face of dreadedness for the Indian team who used to have one of the best players of all time are now totally deserted after Dhoni left the field. There are very few people to support the team right now and also the inability of the officials to get new talents into the cricket team has also been seen as a huge failure. According to the sources we come to know that Bumrah has been in the hospital for treating abdominal pain, after an injury in the third test series that was held in Sydney.

While Jadeja remains as an all-rounder there are still confusions going on, as it is difficult to find a full replacement for him as someone like him is not available. He has been taken out after a thumb dislocation and the BCCI is waiting for a full medical update on his condition too. The problem is that Bumrah is the only bowler for India’s team who is able to do the bowling in both ways, but now he can’t due to his thumb dislocation problem which is a severe threat to India’s reputation and game this time.

Thakur And Natrajan: Who’s Better?

Thakur is super amazing as he has scored over two hundred and six wickets from the sixty-two matches that he has played in first class. Natrajan is a self-made cricketer who has come to the world level even after a hard time during his childhood days. He has become the highest wicket-taker in the team in these T20 series that he went on to get 6 scalps in the three matches that happened in a series. He has been highly successful in cricket that uses white balls but is still unknown to play in cricket that uses red balls.

Replacement For Jadeja

As for Jadeja, they have planned for a new guy called Sundar whom they’re planning to add as a part of Jadeja’s replacement. He has also scored a century in the matches, so they’re all planning to have him as a replacement for Jadeja the same way that Natrajan had been taken in just before the 3rd test series. He is a twenty-one-year-old guy from Tamil Nadu who is now all set to get into the team to support India in the game.

India’s Probability To Play

The Indian team is at high risk as they have a lot of cricketers who are either absent or injured so the probability of India to play in the series is still confusing. Bumrah has been taken out due to the abdominal injury that he got while he was fielding, during the third test series that was held in Sydney. Now that Jadeja also has a thumb dislocation and there is no surety that he’ll play India has lost an all-rounder, who cannot be put in as a replacement.

The BCCI has lost around a lot of players and has exhausted all their resources mainly because of covid 19 protocols and the inability to select new players from matches and all those things.

Life of Cricketers in Brisbane

As for the cricketers in Brisbane, they have a lot of trouble with handling in the rooms in between the covid 19 protocols and the life they have been expecting to live in Australia. They are not allowed to go out every time and have to order the food that they wish to have from the designated apps given by the hotel. There is no room service in order to avoid contact at all. They have asked them to clean their rooms by themselves.

They cannot jump into the luxury swimming pools rather can just sit next to it and feel the summer passing by all due to these protocols that will help them to avoid contact with whatever that’ll risk not only their lives but also that of their other teammates.

Just think of your situation that if you had booked a hotel for a holiday and you would’ve been stripped of your basic rights of visiting the pool, going for lavish lunches, and also no room services won’t that be insane. As for me, I feel it’s too much because even after having a lot of cases in India we don’t have so many rules as much as they have. So it’s better to get an injury and sit at home, at least you can go to the pool, have lavish lunches and many more things while being in your home country.

The other thing was that the Indian teams did not almost want to travel to Brisbane because of the pending restrictions that they were going to face in between their hotel rooms themselves and also the scary part was the two weeks of a strict quarantine schedule that they would be forced to follow. However, they were assured that they won’t have to do the quarantine; rather they will be excused for that but still, they aren’t allowed to travel.

Knowing that the restrictions kept by the country can be hard to follow but I think the Indian squad should have complied with them rather than asking for the decision to be changed. If by chance they go out and mingle with the teams but are found positive doesn’t it risk a lot of Australians who have not yet been affected or were safe yet. It’s okay if some things don’t go your way but one needs to understand the side effects too.


Thus we do not know right now what is going to happen in the coming match, either India will lose or the fact that miracles happen every day they might even score their way out to victory. The deciding factor remains on the cricketers and the prayers and hopes of crores of Indians who are just waiting for the match to begin.

Though there have been a lot of issues this time, first covid 19, then a lot of players have been injured just in the new year itself when we thought everything will be alright, so all can be said that we cannot lose hopes. But this also teaches us one thing that no matter what your situation might be, prepare in advance because you never know what hits you when and maybe that time you’ll have no option left because they might have excuses as well.