IPL 2023

The 16th edition of the IPL (Indian Premier League 2023), began on March 31 this year with an exciting match between Chennai Super Kings (four-time title winners) and the  Gujarat Titans (current defending champions). Like this time, this year also IPL is having 10 teams fighting for the title. There will be around 74 matches taking place this year in the Indian Premiere League across various venues. 

This year the BCCI (Board of Cricket Council of India) and the ICC (International Cricket Council) have introduced new rules to the IPL this time. New IPL rules like impact player rule and the DRS method are introduced for the teams. 

Here are some new IPL rules for IPL 2023:

Auction Rules of IPL 2023:

As per BCCI, IPL 2023 had a mini auction and the franchises are having the advantage of retaining the majority of their players from last IPL.

  • This time no franchise was allowed to buy a player out of their purse balance.
  • Each team was allowed to spend at least 75% of their total purse.
  • The option of the Right to Match was not given to franchise.
  • The number of players in each team could not exceed a count of 25. Whereas each squad should have a minimum number of 18 players.
  • Each franchise can have utmost of 25 Indian players and atleast 17 Indian players. In parallel each franchise can now have at a max 8 international players in their IPL 2023 squad but there’s no capping on the lower limit.

Format and Venues

  • From the last three years, IPL was conducted across a reduced number of venues and at times out of the country. 
  • The 2022 season was held in Mumbai and Pune. The 2021 season also started in selected locations of India before shifting to the UAE. Also the 2020 IPL season was fully conducted outside India, in the UAE, because of the pandemic. 
  • This IPL edition is taking place across six different venues which are home grounds for some teams. 
  • There are 10 teams. 
  • Each team will be playing out 14 league matches. There is a count of total 74 matches in IPL 2023. 

IPL 2023

  • Each team that winning a match will be awarded 2 points in the Points Table. The losing team will not receive any points. If two or more teams have the same points, then their ranking will be decided by the Net Run Rate of each team. 
  • After the group stage will be over, a playoff stage will be conducted. The playoffs will comprise of four matches mentioned as follows:

Qualifier 1 Match: Will be played between the top most two teams from the group stage

Eliminator Match: Will be played between the teams with the third and fourth ranks  from the group stage

Qualifier 2 Match: Will be played between the team that loses in the Qualifier 1 match and the winner of the Eliminator one 

Final Match: Will be played between the winners of Qualifier 1 and 2 match

The Impact Player Rule

  • The Impact Player Rule is the latest addition in this IPL season. This rule is not new for those who know about the cricket world. It is the first time that it is introduced into the IPL. 
  • The impact player rule allows all the teams to name up to five replacement players in addition to their playing XI. That too after the toss. During the game, one of these players known as the Impact Player, can replace any of the playing XI if it favors the team’s performance. 
  • The rule also allows the teams to make replacements during the game. This will help to improve the match’s circumstances and also its playing conditions. 
  • Also, this rule permits teams to choose their playing XI after the toss. This can eliminate the toss’s influence on the team’s player selection.

The New DRS Method in IPL 2023

Players will now have an option to challenge the umpire’s wide and no-ball decisions through the use of the DRS. The introduction of this rule in this league is because of its successful implementation in the WPL 2023. 

No Player Sheet at the point of Toss 

  • There has been a slight change in the protocol for team sheets, as team captains are no longer required to hand over team sheets at the time of toss. Instead, teams will now  the option to calculate the impact of the toss by selecting their playing XI and five substitutes based as per the outcome of the toss. 
  • Also one of these five replacements can be designated as the impact sub during the match. This new rule enables teams to make better strategies with their team players during the game.

Keeping the new rules in mind, the IPL 2023 is expected to be one of the most thrilling sports tournament of the year all across the world. 

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