Motera Cricket Stadium Facts

Motera Cricket Stadium Built on the banks of the Sabarmati River on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, The Sardar Patel Stadium Motera Ahmedabad is the largest cricket stadium in the world with a 1.1 lakh sitting capacity.

The Sardar Patel Stadium is a magnificent stadium that already broke the record of Melbourne Cricket stadium which has a 1 lakh sitting capacity.

The main purpose of this stadium is to serve as the new home for cricket in India. The Sardar Patel Stadium had been established in 1982, with a seating capacity of over 45,000 and was already in line for demolition, but today the newly built stadium will host its first Pink Ball Test match between India and England. Coincidently the last test match before the demolition was also played between India and England in 2012 where India won by 9 wickets.

Motera Cricket Stadium Facts
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Here are Some Motera Cricket Stadium Facts:

  • Motera Cricket stadium has a sitting capacity of 1, 10, 000,(1.1Lakh)  close to 10,000 more spectators than the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • Motera Cricket Stadium also known as The Sardar Patel Stadium is located in Motera village of Western Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat State, India.

President Ram Nath Kovind on 24 February 2021 inaugurated the Motera stadium and Renamed it as “Narendra Modi Stadium”

  • The Motera Cricket Stadium area is 2, 38,714 square meters, which is equivalent to 32 Olympic size soccer fields put together. The stadium complex is spread over 63 acres and has four entry points.
  • The Motera Cricket Stadium has 11 center strips and four dressing rooms each with a separate gym and also has six indoor pitches with bowling machines. It also has outdoor practice pitches and two practice grounds.
  • The first match at The Motera Cricket Stadium was played on November 12-16 in 1983 between India and West Indies and in the newly built Motera stadium, it’s going to be between India and England on 24th February 2021.
  • A total of Rs 800 Crores was spent to rebuild this grand stadium. 3,000 cars and 10,000 two-wheelers can be parked easily in the venue. The stadium has been constructed by the same firm which also built the Statue of Unity.
  • Apart from Cricket the stadium also has numerous indoor pitches for other sports like football, hockey, basketball etc. and even a dormitory that can house 40 athletes.
  • The layout of the cricket stadium is designed in such a way that there is an unobstructed view of the pitch. The state-of-the-art drainage system will help the ground dry up quickly in case of rain which reduces the chances of matches being cancelled.
  • The 360 ​-degree podium concourse is built at a height of nine meters which means that spectators throughout the stadium have a uniform view of the pitch from any stand and Special LED lights have been installed all along the entire circular roof to eliminate shadows.
  • The stadium earlier hosted former US President Donald Trump on his first official trip to India in February 2020, alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • Apart from that many Indian cricketers had set records at Motera stadium- Sunil Gavaskar completed his 10,000 runs in Tests in 1986–87 against Pakistan. Kapil Dev surpassed Sir Richard Hadlee’s 431 wickets record in Tests. Sachin Tendulkar in October 1999, scored his first Test double-hundred against New Zealand.

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Known asMotera Gujarat Stadium
EndsAdani Pavilion End, GMDC End
LocationAhmedabad, India
Time ZoneUTC +05:30
Home toGujarat
CuratorBagira Thakur

Motera Stadium Test Match: 

Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginMatch Date
IndiaWest IndiesWest Indies138 runsNov 12-16, 1983
IndiaPakistandrawn Mar 4-9, 1987
IndiaSri LankaIndiainns & 17 runsFeb 8-12, 1994
IndiaSouth AfricaIndia64 runsNov 20-23, 1996
IndiaNew Zealanddrawn Oct 29-Nov 2, 1999
IndiaEnglanddrawn Dec 11-15, 2001
IndiaNew Zealanddrawn Oct 8-12, 2003
IndiaSri LankaIndia259 runsDec 18-22, 2005
IndiaSouth AfricaSouth Africainns & 90 runsApr 3-5, 2008
IndiaSri Lankadrawn Nov 16-20, 2009
IndiaNew Zealanddrawn Nov 4-8, 2010
IndiaEnglandIndia9 wicketsNov 15-19, 2012

Motera Stadium ODI Match:

Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginMatch Date
IndiaAustraliaAustralia7 wicketsOct 5, 1984
IndiaAustraliaIndia52 runsOct 5, 1986
IndiaZimbabweIndia7 wicketsOct 26, 1987
IndiaWest Indies West Indies2 runsJan 7, 1988
IndiaSri LankaIndia6 runsOct 22, 1989
IndiaEnglandcancelled Jan 16, 1993
IndiaWest IndiesWest Indies69 runsNov 16, 1993
EnglandNew ZealandNew Zealand11 runsFeb 14, 1996
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia13 runsApr 3, 1998
IndiaZimbabweIndia61 runsDec 5, 2000
IndiaWest IndiesIndia5 wicketsNov 15, 2002
IndiaPakistanPakistan3 wicketsApr 12, 2005
IndiaSri LankaSri Lanka5 wicketsNov 6, 2005
West IndiesZimbabweWest Indies9 wicketsOct 8, 2006
Sri LankaZimbabweSri Lanka144 runsOct 10, 2006
South AfricaSri LankaSouth Africa78 runsOct 24, 2006
IndiaWest IndiesWest Indies3 wicketsOct 26, 2006
EnglandWest IndiesEngland3 wicketsOct 28, 2006
IndiaSouth AfricaSouth Africa90 runsFeb 27, 2010
AustraliaZimbabweAustralia91 runsFeb 21, 2011
New ZealandZimbabweNew Zealand10 wicketsMar 4, 2011
IndiaAustraliaIndia5 wicketsMar 24, 2011
IndiaWest IndiesWest Indies16 runsDec 5, 2011
IndiaSri LankaIndia6 wicketsNov 6, 2014

Motera Stadium T20 Match:

Team 1Team 2WinnerMarginMatch Date
IndiaPakistanIndia11 runsDec 28, 2012


Motera stadium Capacity

Seating capacity of Motera Stadium is 110,000 which makes Motera Stadium world’s largest cricket stadium and second largest sports ground in the world.

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