Players Decline BBL to Combat Stress Arising From Prolonged BIO Bubble Exposure

Big Bash League

The BBL(Big Bash League) was established by Cricket Australia in 2011. The BBL (Players Decline BBL) features eight city-based franchises unlike its predecessor KFC Twenty20 Big Bash that featured six state teams. Right from the beginning, the BBL is sponsored by KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken). BBL is one of the top ten domestic cricket leagues. The 2019-2020 winners of the BBL were the Sydney Sixers. The Big Bash League is played during the southern hemisphere summer. This is usually played around December, January and February.

Teams in BBL

As mentioned earlier, the competition has eight city-based teams. Each state capital has one team. Sydney and Melbourne have two teams each. Also, each time has its name and colour as a distinguishing factor. The Melbourne Derby and Sydney Derby have the most spectators. The rivalry between the Scorchers and Sixers has also attracted spectators in large numbers. Each franchise will have 19 contracted players for the entire season. The squad can include two rookie contracts and at most six overseas players. Only, three international players can be a part of each match according to the 2020-21 rules. In case the overseas player is injured or needs to withdraw, they can be replaced by an overseas player.

Players Decline BBL

The Winning Record

The eight teams of the BBL are Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder. Six teams have won the title at least once. The Perch Scorchers have won the title three times which made them the most winners of the title. They have reached the finals in five out of eight seasons. Next in line are the Sydney Sixers that have won two out of eight times. Adelaide Strikers, Melbourne Renegades, Brisbane Heat and Sydney Thunder have won one time each.

2011–12Sydney Sixers3/158 (18.5 overs)Sixers won by 7 wickets
2012–13Brisbane Heat5/167 (20 overs)Heat won by 34 runs
2013–14Perth Scorchers4/191 (20 overs)Scorchers won by 39 runs
2014–15Perth Scorchers6/148 (20 overs)Scorchers won by 4 wickets
2015–16Sydney Thunder7/181 (19.3 overs)Thunder won by 3 wickets
2016–17Perth Scorchers1/144 (15.5 overs)Scorchers won by 9 wickets
2017–18Adelaide Strikers2/202 (20 overs)Strikers won by 25 runs
2018–19Melbourne Renegades5/145 (20 overs)Renegades won by 13 runs
2019–20Sydney Sixers5/116 (12 overs)Sixers won by 19 runs


The trophy for the BBL was decided after holding a design contest in 2011.The competition was open for Australian designers . In December 2011, the three best designs were put forth for public voting.

Players Decline BBL

New Rules for 2020-21 BBL (Players Decline BBL)

The BBL(Players Decline BBL) has introduced three new rules for this season that might garner more spectators attractions.

  • Power surge – After the eleventh over, the batting team can call for an extra two overs powerplay. This will be in addition to the four overs that were played at the start of the inning. The fielding will remain the same as the first four overs
  • X factor player– After the tenth over in the first innings, the 12th and 13th player can replace any player who has not got a chance with the bat yet or has not bowled for more than an over.
  • Bash Boost – There will be a bonus point for the second inning. At the tenth over, if the chasing team has a higher score than what their opposition had, they will receive a bonus point. Contrary to that, if the score is not met, the fielding team will get the extra point.

Also, every winning team will bag three points. If they win the bonus point, a winning team will have four points by the end of the match. New Zealand’s Jimmy Neesham has questioned the X factor rule by asking how one can introduce a player at the 12th and 13th position to play instead of the first chosen 10. The new rules have increased pressure for the coaches and captains to make the right decisions and choose the best squad for each match. The new set of rules have attracted both criticism and praise. Cricket enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to watch matches with a new enhanced gameplay.

Players Decline BBL

David Warner, Pat Cummins and Steve Smith say No to BBL this Year

The Big Bash League has been striving to get international players on board to amplify this season’s excitement. However, many overseas and international Australia players have declined the offer. 

Recently, the former Australian captain Steve Smith has publicly spoken that he will not be playing in BBL this year. The Australian cricket team has been in the bio bubble since August. The players have stayed away from their families and in a very constricted environment since the England tour followed by the Indian Premier League. The mental strain and the time away from family has affected the players in major ways.

As long as Covid lasts, players do not have an option other than playing in the bio bubble. Smith has also asserted the importance of players having such conversations with coaches and teams to avoid immense stress. He said that even if it is for a few days, staying normal and outside the bubble will have a positive effect on him.

On the other hand, David Warner who had been a star attraction of the BBL has ruled out the possibility of playing for BBL soon. He has publicly spoken that he will play BBL only after his international retirement. Warner added that instead of changing the rules to spice up the matches it would be more sensible to include good international and domestic level players. 

As BBL does not have a separate international window, it is very difficult for them to manage international matches along with BBL (Players Decline BBL). Also, BBL loses a lot of attention as many international cricket assignments are running simultaneously during these matches. Warner has also spoken that with bio bubbles becoming the new normal, he needs to take some time off to be with his family. Playing all three forms can be extremely tiring for any player. He also added that getting the best players will help boost BBL status. However, considering the current situation this is too much to ask for.

The Bio Bubble

The bio bubble is an environment that is created to cut off any contact with the outside world. The players, support staff, their coaches and officials will be allowed to visit only a few locations and venues. The main objective of the bio bubble is to eliminate contact and reduce the chances of contracting the virus from the outside world. As these players are travelling from different countries, it is a matter of national safety. The players will not be allowed to meet any family members, friends or other visitors during this period. Also, the players will not be allowed to step outside the bubble and meet anyone from the outside world. 

A recent example of the Bio Bubble breach was when England’s bowler Jofra Arched stopped at his flat while travelling to the next venue. He was dropped from the second Test match due to the breach. Another player, Mohammed Hafeez had to be self-isolated for five days as he breached the bio bubble security protocol by interacting with his family members.

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