Top 10 World Famous Cricketers of All Time

Ms Dhoni

World Famous Cricketers

Cricket has been around for quite some centuries now. And although it might not be a global sport, it is unquestionably the 2nd most famous sport in the world. It is played by almost all countries of the world, and those who play this sport consider it as a kind of religion that they are wholly and solely devoted to. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 world famous cricketers of all time.    

Sir Don Bradman 

World Famous Cricketers
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Born on August 27th, 1908, Sir Don Bradman (world famous cricketers) was an Australian International Cricketer who has set such high standards for batting that the phrase ‘second only to Don Bradman’ still continues till today. No one has yet been able to surpass the great Don Bradman.

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Test debut vs England at Exhibition Ground, Nov 30, 1928

Last Test vs England at Kennington Oval, Aug 14, 1948

He had played 52 matches over 20 years and has also survived the World War, proving himself to be the pinnacle of batsmen. He had always been a prodigy since childhood, and at the age of 19 he had his very first debut in New South Wales and he immediately left his mark by scoring a total of 118 runs and since then he has held multiple records on multiple occasions. the world famous cricketers

Don Bradman’s life basically revolved around cricket. And apart from the time when he was playing on the field, he became an administrator from 1945 to 1980. He had always in his lifetime promoted cricket in a positive light, disregarded illegal bowling actions. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

Born on April 24th, 1973, Sachin Tendulkar (world famous cricketers) is one of the most legendary and the greatest Indian batsman of all time coming just after Don Bradman. Tendulkar is loved among all generations, of every country irrespective of their class, creed and gender.

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Test debut vs Pakistan at National Stadium, Nov 15, 1989

Last Test vs West Indies at Wankhede Stadium, Nov 14, 2013

ODI debut vs Pakistan at Jinnah Stadium, Dec 18, 1989

Last ODI vs Pakistan at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mar 18, 2012

T20 debut vs South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium, Dec 01, 2006

Last T20 vs South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium, Dec 01, 2006

IPL debut vs Chennai Super Kings at Wankhede Stadium, May 14, 2008

Last IPL vs Sunrisers Hyderabad at Wankhede Stadium, May 13, 2013

And he has been able to achieve all this because of pure dedication, hard work and talent. Fascinatingly his career has actually spanned over a total of six World Cup appearances starting from 1992 to 2011 and he has the highest number of centuries in international cricket– a mind-boggling number of 100 centuries! He has also served as the Indian team captain on multiple occasions. The world famous cricketers.

Sir Garry Sobers

Born on July 28th, 1936, is an all-rounder cricket player who played for West Indies. Aside from wicket-keeping, there is nothing on the field that he wasn’t a master of. He was mainly called Garry Sobers (world famous cricketers) on the field. He was an amazing batsman, fielder and along with that, he could also deliver right-hand spins as well as for left-hand spins while bowling. In his early day’s bowling was his strongest suit and hence, he had his first debut against England in Jamaica where he mostly played as a bowler. 

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Test debut vs England at Sabina Park, Mar 30, 1954

Last Test vs England at Queen’s Park Oval, Mar 30, 1974

ODI debut vs England at Headingley, Sep 05, 1973

Last ODI vs England at Headingley, Sep 05, 1973

He reached a peak in his batsmanship when he made 365 runs against Pakistan in his home country, and believe it or not that record was set strong for 36 long years in Test Cricket as the longest record. Well, that was until Brian Lara finally broke his record in 1994. 

Imran Khan 

Born on October 5th, 1952, Imran Khan (world famous cricketers) made his very first debut at the age of 16 in Lahore. He is a fast bowler, and although he started his career when he used to use the chest-on-action at a medium speed he trained very hard and made his body strong and fit to deliver very fast bowls. In Worcestershire from 1971 to 1976, he played for the English County Cricket. And later from 1983 to 1988 he also played for Sussex. 

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Test debut vs England at Edgbaston, Jun 03, 1971

Last Test vs Sri Lanka at Iqbal Stadium, Jan 02, 1992

ODI debut vs England at Trent Bridge, Aug 31, 1974

Last ODI vs England at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Mar 25, 1992

He started to gain recognition as the fastest bowler after participating in a fast-bowling contest at Perth in 1978. And at that contest, he finished third with a speed of 139.7 km/h. and as a fast bowler, he reached his peat in 1982.

Although now he has retired from cricket and that too just after six months of his ODI, for politics. He retired after playing 88Test matches, scoring 3807 runs within 126 innings which included six centuries and 18 fifties, and many more achievements. He is currently the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

MS Dhoni

Born on July 7th, 1981, MS Dhoni (world famous cricketers) is a former Indian international cricketer. Dhoni’s career in the Indian team started flourishing when he was around 22 years old, and he scored really low scores on his very first ODI. But if he didn’t perform well then how did his career start growing you ask.

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Test debut vs Sri Lanka at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Dec 02, 2005

Last Test vs Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Dec 26, 2014

ODI debut vs Bangladesh at MA Aziz Stadium, Dec 23, 2004

Last ODI vs New Zealand at Emirates Old Trafford, Jul 09, 2019

T20 debut vs South Africa at The Wanderers Stadium, Dec 01, 2006

Last T20 vs Australia at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Feb 27, 2019

IPL debut vs Kings XI Punjab at Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Apr 19, 2008

Last IPL vs Kings XI Punjab at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Nov 01, 2020

Dhoni’s career started to grow when the then captain Sourav Ganguly decided that Dhoni had a lot of scopes and he saw Dhoni who could polish himself and stand strong in the world of cricket and so, Ganguly persisted him to play and also gave him an extended run. And to say the least, Sourav Ganguly’s thoughts were proven right when Dhoni kept on prospering day by day and kept practicing to be better than what he was before. 

Later on, when his career was in full blow, he was offered captaincy, all because of the recommendation of his senior players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. And he proved once again that he wasn’t only a tremendous player but also an astounding captain after he led his team to win the World Cup. 

Muttiah Muralitharan

Born on April 17th, 1972, Muttai Muralitharan (world famous cricketers) is the most legendary off-spin bowler from Sri Lanka. He is the very first wrist spinning off-spinner that this sport has ever seen. He holds the record for most wickets in One Day International and Test matches. 

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Career Information

Test debut vs Australia at R.Premadasa Stadium, Aug 28, 1992

Last Test vs India at Galle International Stadium, Jul 18, 2010

ODI debut vs India at R.Premadasa Stadium, Aug 12, 1993

Last ODI vs India at Wankhede Stadium, Apr 02, 2011

T20 debut vs New Zealand at Sky Stadium, Dec 22, 2006

Last T20 vs Australia at W.A.C.A. Ground, Oct 31, 2010

IPL debut vs Kings XI Punjab at Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Apr 19, 2008

Last IPL vs Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens, May 22, 2014

Being a top-notch player always gets you to be the centre of attention and with attention not only good comments and praises but also, negative comments and speculations are thrown your way. Similarly, Muralitharan has been dragged into multiple scandals throughout his career. He had been cleared multiple times by biomechanical experts, by the ICC, and also by the independent observers but the doubters were never really satisfied.

Although his talent was never in doubt, Muralitharan started getting recognition just after his first debut in 1992. One mind-boggling fact about him is that he bowls more than 55 overs per Test on average. 

Chris Gayle 

Born on September 12th, 1979 is a Jamaican cricketer who plays for West Indies. Chris Gayle (world famous cricketers) is considered to be the greatest batsman in twenty20 cricket. He is the only player to score a triple century– a triple hundred during the tests, a double hundred during the ODIs and finally a hundred in T20’s. 

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Test debut vs Zimbabwe at Queen’s Park Oval, Mar 16, 2000

Last Test vs Bangladesh at Arnos Vale Ground, Sep 05, 2014

ODI debut vs India at Toronto CSCC, Sep 11, 1999

Last ODI vs India at Queen’s Park Oval, Aug 14, 2019

T20 debut vs New Zealand at Eden Park, Feb 16, 2006

Last T20 vs England at Warner Park, Mar 08, 2019

IPL debut vs Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium, May 22, 2008

Last IPL vs Chennai Super Kings at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Nov 01, 2020

He got a kick start in his career because of Lucas Cricket Club in Kingston, and he is very grateful for them even today. In his earlier days, he played his first One Day International in 1999. Although Gayle had a slow start to his career, he started flourishing after2002, he never let his spirit down and always played with zeal.

Lasith Malinga

Born on August 28th, 1983, Lasith Malinga (world famous cricketers) specializes in a rare round-arm action while bowling it is also known as ‘sling action’, he also specialized in ‘swinging yorker’. He is the first and only bowler in the world that had two World Cup hat-tricks and also the only bowler to take three hat-tricks in ODI. 

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Test debut vs Australia at Marrara Cricket Ground, Jul 01, 2004

Last Test vs India at P Sara Oval, Aug 03, 2010

ODI debut vs United Arab Emirates at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, Jul 17, 2004

Last ODI vs Bangladesh at R.Premadasa Stadium, Jul 26, 2019

T20 debut vs England at The Rose Bowl, Jun 15, 2006

Last T20 vs West Indies at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Mar 06, 2020

IPL debut vs Chennai Super Kings at Newlands, Apr 18, 2009

Last IPL vs Chennai Super Kings at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, May 12, 2019

Even though he has a bad history with injuries, which means that he had to go through numerous surgeries and had to make multiple comebacks, he has still been the most potent threat in the ODI series. He ended his career with four International hat-tricks just one step behind from Wasim Akram to have 300 ODI wickets. 

Brian Lara

Born on May 22nd, 1969, Brian Lara (world famous cricketers) was not only known to be the greatest batsman but was also known as a hero, a magician, a leader, an entertainer any many more. Although in his younger years he was an excellent table-tennis player he knew in his heart that cricket is what he loved the most. At the age of 20, Brian Lara was the youngest player to lead Trinidad and Tobago, as he was appointed as the T&T’s captain. 

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Test debut vs Pakistan at Gaddafi Stadium, Dec 06, 1990

Last Test vs Pakistan at National Stadium, Nov 27, 2006

ODI debut vs Pakistan at National Stadium, Nov 09, 1990

Last ODI vs England at Kensington Oval, Apr 21, 2007

Brian Lara soon established himself as West indy’s best player when he made a breezy 333 run at the opening itself, during the 1992 World Cup. Lara was also later offered leadership or one may also call it captainship, but unfortunately, the team could not perform very well under Lara’s leadership. Although, it is not entirely his fault as he did not really have appropriate resources.  

Shoaib Akhtar 

Born on August 13th, 1975, Shoaib Akhtar (world famous cricketers) a Pakistani player has earned the title of ‘the fastest and most feared bowler’ in International cricket history. And during the Asian Test Championship match against India which was conducted in Kolkata, in 1999, he earned a total of eight wickets. And also, in the same match, he clean bowled both Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. His fastest recorded ball was during the 2003 World Cup against England. 

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Test debut vs West Indies at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Nov 29, 1997

Last Test vs India at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Dec 08, 2007

ODI debut vs Zimbabwe at Harare Sports Club, Mar 28, 1998

Last ODI vs New Zealand at Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Mar 08, 2011

T20 debut vs England at County Ground, Aug 28, 2006

Last T20 vs New Zealand at Seddon Park, Dec 28, 2010

IPL debut vs Delhi Capitals at Eden Gardens, May 13, 2008

Last IPL vs Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium, May 22, 2008

During his career, he has done plenty of wrong things to be it enhancing performance with the help of drugs, been accused of ball-tampering, had rifts not only with a rival team PCB but also with people within his own team. But the fact that he admitted to all his mistakes and faced the consequences, from which he further learned and became a better man shows that he was courageous by heart.