Top 5 Worst Records in Indian Cricket History

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Top 5 Worst Records in Indian Cricket History

The Britishers introduced Cricket to India and the first cricket club was launched in 1972. India played its first International test Match in 1932 but had to wait another twenty years to win a match. The team could win only 35 out of 196 Test matches in the first fifty years. 

The Indian cricket team gained momentum in the 1970s with the advent of players like Gavaskar, Viswanath, Kapil Dev, etc. The team has won the cricket world cup twice- in 1983 and 2011. Over the last 75 years, the Indian cricket team has witnessed a fair share of ups and downs and still managed to make us all feel proud. Here is a list of the top five worst records in Indian Cricket history.

A Team That Lost The Most ODIs

2Sri Lanka1975-202085238942153748.03
4West Indies1973-2020822401381103051.26
6New Zealand1973-202077235137474048.42
10South Africa1991-202062538521661863.92
Table Source: ESPN

The Indian cricket team has been tagged as a team that lost most ODI matches. The team has played around 990 ODI cricket matches till date. Out of these 990, they have won 514 matches and lost 424 matches. As per statistics seen above, a major reason for this is that the Indian team has played the most ODI matches in the history of international cricket. 

Similarly, Pakistan and Australia have played 930 and 955 ODI matches respectively. The winning average of the Indian cricket team is more than fifty percent which clearly surpasses most teams on the list. Australia has displayed the best ODI winning average with a whooping 63.35 percentage.

The First Team That Was Dismissed From Test Match Two Times in a Day

Top 5 Worst Records in Indian Cricket History
Image Source: Cricaddictor

In 2018, the Afghanistan cricket team faced major backlashing due to their dual dismissal on a single day. The test cricket match is a batsman-friendly arena. However, there have been four instances in history where a team has been dismissed twice on the same day.

Afghanistan vs India (2018)

Afghanistan visited India for the first time in 2018 for a debut Test match. The debut turned out to be disastrous for the guest team. The openers Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan displayed premium level partnership and secured a century each. India had scored 474 runs at the end of the day. However, on the second day, none of the Afghanistan players could break this record and be attacked by the mind boggling bowling by R Ashwin. 

Zimbabwe vs New Zealand (2012 and 2005)

In January 2012, Zimbabwe visited New Zealand. New Zealand scored a massive 496 runs on the first day where the opening batsman scored a half-century each. Taylor and Watling together scored 200 runs in the game. Zimbabwe could not break this record and ended up becoming the third team in history to be dismissed twice on the same day. The fate repeated in 2005 when New Zealand was playing a Test match in Zimbabwe. New Zealand had scored 452 runs by the end of the first day. Once again New Zealand could not bear the pressure of this score and was dismissed twice on the same day.

India vs England(1952)

India was the first team to face two dismissals on the same day. England had already defeated India in the first two Test matches in 1952. However, it was the third one that was the most disastrous. The England players had scored 347 runs by the end of the first day. The Indian team could not retaliate with the same energy. Apart from Manjrekar and Hazare, all the other players managed to score a sum total of only 58 runs.

The English Bowler – Trueman played was a major reason for securing the most wickets that day. The Indian cricket team was dismissed twice on the same day for 58 and 82 runs only. This Test match was the first and the most devastating one in history. 

A Team That Faced The Most 350 Plus ODI Scores From The Opposite Team

One day international matches have evolved into a very batsman-friendly version. The bats are heavier and the wicket formats are more batting-friendly now. The below statistics clearly indicate how the 350 + scores have increased since 2000. ODI matches have travelled a long way with just 6 matches scoring more than 350 runs to 31 matches crossing the milestone in 2015.

Image Source: ESPN

This has paced the records achieved by many teams worldwide. It has become customary to score a minimum of 350 scores in the fifty-over format. The Indian cricket team has bagged many 350 plus ODI scores. However, the team has been at the receiving end of the most  350 plus scores from the other teams.

There are more than 12 instances where the Indian bowlers faced a severe game from the opposition team. This definitely highlights the shortcoming of the Indian bowlers. India is also the team that has played the most 350 plus scores. This enunciates the fact that the Indian batsmen have concealed the bowling performance of the team. 

Teams350 plus totals till 2017
India23 matches
South africa22 matches
Australia16 matches
New Zealand12 matches
England10 matches
Sri Lanka7 matches
Pakistan6 matches
West Indies3 matches
Zimbabwe1 match
Table Source: ESPN

The Indian Team Gave The Most Extras in Test Innings

Image Source: CricTracker

The most extras in a Test match innings were scored by the Indian cricket team against Pakistan in 2007. Like any India Pakistan match, the 2007 Test match had gained a lot of pre-match excited responses from Indian fans. Fans waited eagerly to see the two team clash in a 5-day game. The 2007 match was also the last time both these teams have pitted against each other.

The game unfolded in a very dramatic way before the Bangalore spectators. The final session of the match was interrupted by bad light that helped the Indian team win. After 27 years, India had won the first Test match series against Pakistan.

However, the Indian cricket team created one of their worst records during the first match in the series. In the first inning, Pakistan scored 76 extras while the Indian bowlers conceded 15 no balls. With this, India created a record in International Test cricket history to concede the most extras. Here is a list of the team that scored the most extras in an innings.

TeamScoreOversExtOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
Pakistan537168.176V IndiaBengaluru8-Dec-07Test  # 1852
WestIndies544178.474V EnglandPort of Spain6-Mar-09Test  # 1914
Pakistan43512271V  West IndiesGeorgetown2-Apr-88Test # 1095
Pakistan2916768V West IndiesBridgetown18-Feb-77Test # 797
New Zealand523131.267V  EnglandLord’s21-May-15Test  # 2162
Zimbabwe319/812365v Sri LankaHarare11-Oct-94Test  # 1270
South Africa460120.264V PakistanJohannesburg19-Jan-95Test  # 1283
England43713664V West IndiesManchester27-Jul-95Test # 1301
New Zealand659/6d158.564V PakistanChristchurch3-Jan-21Test  # 2400
India565172.264V  West IndiesKolkata26-Dec-87Test  # 1088
Table Source: ESPN

Most Number of Fours Conceded in T20I – 29

The Indian cricket team led by MS Dhoni lifted the T20 World championship trophy in 2007. Since then, Indian cricket fans have loved this format of cricket.  The popularity of IPL has also gained momentum due to this victory.  

Image Source: Sportsadda

In 2009, when Sri Lanka visited India for 2 T20 match series, cricket fans expected a fabulous match from India. Virender Sehwag and Yuvraj Singh were considered to be the ablest T20 players at that time. On the Sri Lankan front, Sangakkara and Jayawardene were geared up for a dynamic response. 

Sadly, the Indian team lost the series and created one of the worst records in Indian cricket history. Indian bowlers conceded the most 29 fours to the opposite team. No other team had allowed their bowlers to concede these many fours in a Twenty 20 inning. These 29 fours managed to create one of the worst records for the Indian Cricket team.

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